Personal memories of Richmond Hill Dairies, Pemberton, Wigan


Introduction - A snapshot in time!

picpic In today's hectic high tech high speed world of globalisation and multi-national conglomerates it's hard not to be seduced by the benefits and wealth of opportunity modern living affords us. But in this mad rush to the future something has been lost and every now and then it's nice to step back and reflect on how things used to be in the not too distant past. When the world was smaller and you knew everyone, when holidays in Southport and Blackpool were a great adventure involving long distance travel, when you could cross the road without a pelican crossing or a footbridge and it was ok to speak to strangers. Those halcyon days when childhood lasted beyond your fourth birthday and the words Ipod, mobile phone or computer were unheard of in letters to father Christmas. Nostalgic thoughts like these often take me back to my own youth and my association with Richmond Hill Dairies, a local business I grew up with and remember with some affection. A well known and important feature of the local community in its day and part of the heritage of Pemberton, Orrell and Upholland, along with Pemberton Caravans, Englands the butchers, Clough and Gaskell the builders, Billy Gore's joinery business and others, I have come to feel some small snapshot of its history should be committed to print. I hope my personal memories on the following pages paint a worthy picture, I apologise in advance for any errors which may have crept in, they are recounted more than several years down the line and may have been subject to erosion by time.

Pictured above left from back left: Billy Brown; Peter Hart; Betty Swift; Charlie Orrell; Margaret Aspey; Derek Ishmael. Above right Derek at Billinge carnival c1964-5.

These pages are dedicated to the members of the Ishmael family and staff of Richmond Hill Dairies it has been my pleasure to know.

Palfreyman 2010


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